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Special Teams Football Academy is an organization that brings together some of the top experts in the Midwest to help athletes reach their highest potential.   All instructors are former kickers, punters, and long snappers who have trained and competed at a highest level as an NFL Professional athlete/free agent or collegiate level.

We are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and train many athletes from the Midwest, Canada and various international countries.  We offer year-round coaching and instruction on all the major aspects of Special Teams:  Kicking, Punting, Snapping, and Kick/Punt Returning.

Our goal is to use our high level experience and training to help you reach your potential and become a premier kicker, punter, or snapper.

At Special Teams Football Academy, we offer one-on-one private instruction, small group training clinics, as well as instructional and evaluation camps. Lessons include everything from warm-ups and stretching to a variety of kicking and punting drills, instruction on kicking strategy to help you to be the best that you can be.

At our training sessions we will provide honest evaluation, competition, "game on the line" mental exercises and “on the spot” video review, where you can see yourself perform as we coach you through the drills.

The video on the right highlights our Winter and Summer Kicking Camps and Clinics.  We train Youth, High School, Collegiate and NFL Free Agent Specialists by using beginning/fundamental to advanced/high level instruction.

Give yourself the EDGE over your competition this year and contact Coach Chris Husby and his Experienced Staff at 651-353-2660!